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Current Projects

Interactive LED Dance Floor

A giant interactive LED dance floor. 17 by 17 feet.

Cheapo Power: Power Control on the Cheap

Controlling appliances for about $8 per module, with a circuit that anyone can build.


Car PC

Documenting the progress of putting a computer into my car.


My Home

The biggest continuous project I've ever done -- the automatation of my home. This project is so big, it deserves its own section on my site.

PopCARD: Pop Machine Cash Card system

A home-made RFID cash card system for my pop/soda/vending machine.

Automatic Dog Water Dish

A self-refilling dog water dish, ensuring fresh and clean water at all times for my pup!

Automatic Flush Toilet

A silly project to make my toilet computerized.

Monitoring my Electricity Usage

A project to monitor the amount of electricity I consume.

Home-Made Thermostat

Building a computer-controlled thermostat to replace my regular one for my home.

LED Sign

Check out what I did with this awesome 3-color LED sign.


Digital Picture Frame

See how I turned an old laptop into a snazzy digital picture frame.

LED Clock

My friend Infamy and I built this awesome clock.


Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

Home-made battery-powered wireless amplified stereo speakers that receive their audio signal over Bluetooth... what could be cooler?


Urban Exploration Resource

The Urban Exploration Resource is a website I started back in 2002. It has now grown to be the largest website dedicated to the hobby of Urban Exploration, with over 10,000 worldwide members.

Older & Discontinued Projects

The Half-Life Years: 2000-2003


Server Assistant & AVC DLL

An administrative tool for Half-Life, created between 1999 and 2001, and custom mod for TFC.


Half-Life Maps

All of the Half-Life maps I have ever created, with tons of crazy concepts and tests.

TFC Scripts

A series of scripts and a configuration utitlity I created for the Half-Life mod Team Fortress Classic.


Invictus Llama Jams

Some stupid music files I assembed many years ago.

The SillyZone

A Half-Life: TFC server that I ran for about 4 years, most of it with totally custom mods and features.

The Old-School Years: 1999 and before

SimCity 3000 Terrain Generator

A tool created by myself and a friend in 1999, to aid in generating terrains for the then-new game Sim City 3000.



A company founded by my friend Matthew and myself in 1998.

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