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Interactive LED Dance Floor

Recently I was involved in a project to build a giant LED dance floor for a convention. Perhaps the best place to start is this video:

Technical Specs


Here are the electrical schematics for the board that runs inside each panel. They are in Eagle 7 format. This is Rev C of the board, which fixes some of the electrical issues in Rev B (the version that was actually produced)

Download: DF-RevC.zip

Source Code

Two processors run the dance floor.

Aside from that, the floor is controlled by any software that can send out ArtNet, such as Jinx from live-leds.de
In addition, a C# program controls the interactive aspects of the floor.

Download Links
All code can be downloaded from GitHub: LED Dance Floor Code


The pin layout of the 10-pin connector that goes between each board is as follows:

The pinouts for the Arduino Mega:

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