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What are the Llama Jams?

The Llama Jams feature a man named Invictus.

I think a quick history lesson will be necessary here. Back in around 1999 or so, Invictus started a website called "Encounters with Llamas". The URL was http://llama.pcgame.com, but it has of course been offline for many years. You might be able to find something in the Internet Archive.

The site chronicled encounters that HL players had with "llamas" -- that is, new players who didn't bother to read the manual or generally acted like complete buffoons. When I was running my first server, I approached Invictus and asked if he'd like to be an admin on it. He agreed. That's where our relationship began.

Invictus had a bunch of things he liked to say: Blarg, Bleearg, Llama? and a few others. I thought it would be funny to create a mix of him saying these words, set to music. And thus, the first Llama Jam was born!

It was a huge success (probably), so I made several more. In them, Invictus talks about "Player" (the default name in HL), says a few japanese words, and generally has good fun. The fourth llama jam even has a cameo from Invictus's friend "YakButter", with "Pasta?"

Some of you may remember this stuff -- It seems like ages ago, but it's only been like 3 or 4 years.


Llama Jam 1
Llama Jam 2
Llama Jam 3
Llama Jam 4
Llama Jam 2 Flash Anim
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