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Automatic Flush Toilet

Every time someone new comes over to my home and sees my Touchscreen for the first time, one of the questions they inevitibly ask is: "What happens if I push on the toilet?".

Of course, nothing happened. So, partially as a challenge, and partially for fun, I decided to build a motorized, computerized, automatic toilet flusher for my toilet.

I used a Pololu 8-servo motor controller and a large servo. I bolted some scrap pieces of metal to the servo to act as a force arm, and mounted a small, shoddily-built wooden shelf above my toilet. Next, I connected a piece of wire to the stopper valve inside the tank, and ran it out the back, to the servo. Some trial and error with the software, and, hey presto!

Here's a video of it in action on Youtube:

This project really is just for fun, and doesn't have much practical use. But it was a good experience!

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