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What is The SillyZone?

The SillyZone was the name given to a Half-Life TFC server that I started and ran for about 4 years, between about 2000 and 2003. Originally, the server was just a place where crazy stuff would happen, but in later years it also became the most heavily modified TFC server in existence. SillyZone ran both my Server Assistant application, for administrative tasks, and AVC (short for Av Command), my modification DLL.


Watch the original Flash intro.


Learn about the awesome SillyZone Lightshows, and watch some videos!


The Monastery SZ Archive

Visit the SZ Archive at The Monastery, run by Phut.

Thanks To

God, it's a little late to have a thank-you page now, isn't it? I barely remember half the people who made the SZ great. But here's a partial list, in no particular order, which I will add to as I remember.

More to come.

whoops -- it seems you've caught me with my pants down. this section is still being created!
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