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Latest Blog Posts


News Section out of date! October 16th, 2011
This news section is so out of date... well, check out the Blog for the latest news! Click above.
Alpha Sign Library now Open-Source! July 13th, 2010
I've finally decided to open-source my Alpha Adaptive Micro Systems Sign Communications Library! You can grab it here: Alpha Sign Communications Library
New Section: Blog October 9th, 2009
There's a new section of my site: The Blog. I know blogs are kinda 2001, but I wanted a place where I could most more regular updates and tech stuff, so here it is. It will be updated much more frequently than this front-page news is.
Updates to Car PC Section September 4th, 2009
I've made some updates to the Car PC section.

I've also posted a very useful technical document about the specific details of the LED Sign used in my car. Click Here to read it.

Automatic Flush Toilet August 27th, 2009
A fun and silly project: I built an automatic flusher for my toilet.
Power Monitoring Project August 21st, 2009
I've added a new page about my project to monitor how much electricity I use, see Power Monitor.
Thermostat Project June 13th, 2009
I've added a new page about my computer-controlled thermostat project, see the home-made Thermostat.
New CarPC Video February 9th, 2009
I've added a new video to my Front Camera page, showing how the front camera works. Check it out!
CarPC Updates February 7th, 2009
I've made a bunch of updates to various sections about my Car PC. I've also added new sections about my Internet connection and Front Camera. Check them out!
Added: AVC Source Code for Steam November 18th, 2008
AVC fan Cur7 emailed me updated AVC source code, converted to work on Steam. Grab it on the Server Assistant page!
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