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Jog / Shuttle Wheel

Many people install some kind of jog or shuttle wheel into their cars. Even BMW's come with this type of controller as standard (they call it iDrive). Some prompting from a friend made me decide it was a good idea for my car.

Ah yes, but which one?

There are a few choices out there for jog wheels. A popular one for Car PC enthusiasts is the Griffin iMate, which has left/right jog as well as a single pushbutton. However, I already owned the Contour ShuttleXpress, and I decided it fit well into my car.

The ShuttleXpress has 5 buttons, a jog dial, and a 15-position shuttle knob. It's also very slim and nondescript black. The only place I could fit it was in my cupholder, so that's where it went:

I also upgraded my software to support the shuttle in nearly every part of it. I can now scroll through menus, select items, and change settings simply by using the shuttle. This comes a lot more naturally than using the touchscreen. I've also assigned the buttons to do things like select items and pause/unpause the music.

In this photo, you can see the green item as the one that is 'selected' by the shuttle.

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