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Original Log file, the creation of UER

This log begins Wed, Sep 11, 21:40:29 2002

*** Ninjalicious has joined #uec
<Avatar-X> ah!
<Ninjalicious> avatar
<Avatar-X> there you are :D
<Ninjalicious> Hi. Sorry that took a while.
<Avatar-X> only took an hour and 15 min ;-)
<Ninjalicious> Umm.... I'm a bit dumb.
<Avatar-X> how's that?
<Ninjalicious> I just took too long to get my act together.
<Avatar-X> alrightly
<Avatar-X> well i emailed UEC the same time i did you
<Ninjalicious> So, I guess Snee isn't showing up.
<Avatar-X> however they are awful at talking
<Avatar-X> i have snee's phone number
<Avatar-X> i can give him a ring
<Ninjalicious> Sure, I can wait a minute.
<Avatar-X> are you busy or something?
<Ninjalicious> I'm sort of having a conversation with Liz.
<Avatar-X> i assume liz is your girlfriend?
<Ninjalicious> Yep, so she says.
<Avatar-X> i've heard references to liz as well as seen "viewing hole gallery"
<Avatar-X> heh :D
<Ninjalicious> That's the one.
<Ninjalicious> Anyhow, she's gone now. Let's chit some chat.
<Ninjalicious> Your offer is very nice.
<Avatar-X> according to my phone, snee's number is "unavailable"... he must have his phone off
<Ninjalicious> Quel snob.
<Avatar-X> hey, it's the least i can do -- you're the reason i'm into UE in the first place
<Ninjalicious> Always a nice thing to hear...
<Avatar-X> anyways, my forums are still very much unfinished
<Ninjalicious> So, I was wondering a couple of things about where they're going.
<Ninjalicious> The geography vs. type of location question is interesting.
<Avatar-X> however since i am programming them myself, it means i can literally add any feature that we would want
<Avatar-X> sorry, i dont follow, geography of what?
<Ninjalicious> I've noticed you're pretty good at that.
<Avatar-X> thankwell i work full-time as a programmer
<Ninjalicious> I mean, dividing the forums into to/canada/world, or abandoned/live/tunnelly... that kind of thing.
<Avatar-X> yeah
<Avatar-X> well it depends on how much traffic we get
<Avatar-X> at first we should probably start out with just a single UE forum
<Avatar-X> and if it starts to overflow then we can seperate it
<Ninjalicious> I agree, at first, one would do it. I guess I lean towards geographically.
<Ninjalicious> when traffic gets big
<Avatar-X> the idea being to keep people with similar categories of interest on the same boards
<Avatar-X> so they dont even have to look into the other boards
<Ninjalicious> That sounds good.
<Avatar-X> see, example, i live in toronto, so i dont really care about UE in vancouver
<Ninjalicious> Alright, and then, what about moderationAre you planning to moderate?
<Avatar-X> sure it's interesting to read but since i dont live there, i cant really check it out
<Avatar-X> well you would get admin of course
<Avatar-X> and you could also assign moderators
<Ninjalicious> (I am happy to help people in Vancouver whenever I can, but that usually isn't often.)
<Ninjalicious> So, moderating isn't tricky to do?
<Avatar-X> yeah i meant i personally dont really have an interest in UE
<Avatar-X> right now there IS no moderating :D
<Avatar-X> err
<Avatar-X> i dont have an interest in UE in vancouver
<Avatar-X> bah fget it :D
<Ninjalicious> that's what I guessed you meant, based on the stuff on your site
<Ninjalicious> it seems like you like UE :)
<Avatar-X> anyways the forum currently has no admin functions, but it WILL be easy
<Ninjalicious> Cool.
<Avatar-X> single-click removal of topics or individual posts
<Ninjalicious> I think moderation would be a good idea -- for some reason, the hobby seems to attract some destructive types
<Avatar-X> for sure
<Ninjalicious> Are you on any mailing lists now?
<Avatar-X> have you been to the malt plant anytime in the last few months?
<Avatar-X> no, except your Infiltration Announcements mailing list
<Avatar-X> i'd like to be on some tho
<Ninjalicious> I milled around outside it in ... June. I haven't been inside the fence in 2002 at all.
<Avatar-X> I go to the plant daily, not inside, but just to the outside, because i live very close to it
<Ninjalicious> There are a fewI run a moderated one, there is one called "Underground" (which anyone can join), and then there's the one associated with the Microsoft community.
<Avatar-X> it's my nightly excersizerollerblade there then back, a good round 10 km
<Ninjalicious> Wow, that's awesome.
<Avatar-X> the place has changed quite a bit over the last 2 months
<Avatar-X> most notablyon monday of this week
<Ninjalicious> I left a note on your site mentioning that I like your new main UE picture of the city -- nice angle :)
<Ninjalicious> What's up?
<Avatar-X> you know all the trees and grass and shrubs inside the fence?
<Avatar-X> weeds mainly
<Ninjalicious> Yeah...
<Avatar-X> they are now totally gone
<Avatar-X> completely ripped up
<Avatar-X> there's just bare earth left over
<Ninjalicious> Weird. Any idea why?
<Avatar-X> well
<Avatar-X> 1 1/2 weeks ago
<Avatar-X> the cops were at the malt plant
<Avatar-X> have you heard that story?
<Ninjalicious> No!
<Avatar-X> basically
<Avatar-X> some kids were clamboring around the outside of the plant on the roofs and stuff at 3pm on the first saturday in september
<Ninjalicious> Little kids?
<Avatar-X> no, like, 20ish
*** Asher has joined #uec
<Avatar-X> Asher!
<Avatar-X> didn't think you'd make it
<Ninjalicious> Hey Asher
<Asher> I just saw the e-mail about all this.
<Asher> Hello all.
<Avatar-X> anyways i was just explaining the malt plant thing that happened 1 1/2 weeks ago
<Asher> Snee shall join soon as well.
<Avatar-X> some people from the appartment buildings accross queens' quay west saw the kids
<Asher> Oh yes.
<Asher> That.
<Avatar-X> and they called the cops
<Avatar-X> before long there were six police cruisers on the scene
<Ninjalicious> How come you both know about this and I don't? No fair.
<Avatar-X> i already told asher/snee in an email :D
<Ninjalicious> :)
*** flameout has joined #uec
<flameout> Phoo!
<Avatar-X> anyways the cops were yelling for the kids to come out, and the cruisers on the north side of the building could still see the kids on the roof
<Avatar-X> heya snee
<Asher> Phaw!
<flameout> I can't remember the last time I used IRC. :D
<flameout> Good times.
<Avatar-X> My contact, who told me all this stuff, left the building at this point
<Avatar-X> but he said the cops were threatening to release sniffer dogs into the plant
<flameout> Back in the day, I mean. Back in... mustabin, nineteen ought six...
<flameout> best of luck to the dogs o_o
<Avatar-X> yeah
<Ninjalicious> 1906, good year.
<Avatar-X> anyways the cops then "locked up" the plant
<Ninjalicious> By burning bushes?
<Avatar-X> by what i mean they put chains and padlocks through the chain-link fence
<flameout> Haha
<flameout> "We'll SMOKE 'em out!"
<Avatar-X> nono, the bushes were PROPERLY removed
<Ninjalicious> Well, now I'm tempted to go down there just to prove how lousy a job they MUST have done.
<flameout> Maybe they figured they'd come out if they couldn't sleep over the weedwackers. o_o
<Avatar-X> even the parts where a branch had grown into a fence, they used a chainsaw
<Avatar-X> oh, it's real lously
<Avatar-X> i have pics :D
<Ninjalicious> I don't think anyone used the bushes to climb in...
<Avatar-X> nah
<flameout> Almost every time we're at the plant we end up discussing protocol in case the cops show up and start telling us to come out. Kind of funny to know it finally happened to someone.
<Avatar-X> but it's clearly to intimidate
<Avatar-X> Hey, whenever im in there i have tripods and cameras :D
<Ninjalicious> Geez!
<Ninjalicious> You get all that over a fence?
<Ninjalicious> Or I guess you go through?
<flameout> Oh man...
<Avatar-X> I took my boss there one night, he's a professional photographer.. he bought three cameras and a tripod, and like 40 rolls of film
<flameout> the CBC sent us in there with about $2500 in A/V equipment. -_-
<Avatar-X> *brought
<flameout> I dropped some of it a few times.
<Asher> The Efferfax died.
<Avatar-X> lol
<flameout> Yeah... I was with Efferfax and he clocked his head really hard on an overhanging piece of metal...
<Ninjalicious> Haha. Nice that it wasn't yours.
<Avatar-X> i love the malt plant :D
<Avatar-X> anyways, stan told me a hundred other ways to get into it
<flameout> This was several storeys up... I asked him if he was okay, and suddenly our cell-phone rings, with Asher on it asking if he's okay.
<Avatar-X> stan's the guy who'se been living in the plant
<flameout> That was a bizarre experience.
<flameout> Cool.
<Ninjalicious> This is a lot of fun, but unfortunately I have to go in a couple of minutes. Maybe we should arrange to meet up here again sometime?
<Avatar-X> sure
<Avatar-X> lets talk about the forum
<flameout> I've never properly spoken to anyone living in the plant.
<flameout> Yeah, good idea.
<Ninjalicious> The forum.
<flameout> Frankly, my qualm is that I like to have all my content on my own server.
<flameout> Like, in my basement. I'm a big server-hugger.
<Avatar-X> basically the idea is to have a common forum for our websites, where just the layout / design changes for each site
<flameout> I'd even ask you for a copy of your forum software but I don't feel up to setting up MySQL...
<flameout> Ah, so just the layout is dynamic, but we share the same boards?
<Avatar-X> well, to put it frankly, snee, your server sucks. not the server, but the fact that it's on cable makes it slow
<flameout> Previously I thought you meant we'd have, for instance, an "Avatar-X Forum", a "UEC Forum" and so on.
<Ninjalicious> I don't have a qualm about off-server stuff, but is there a way that raw data from your (av's) server could be copied to our servers?
<flameout> Right, that's it.
<flameout> I'm not talking to you anymore.
* flameout sniffles
<Avatar-X> i'm just kidding :D
<Ninjalicious> very sad
<Asher> Oh no!
<flameout> I know :D
<Avatar-X> but the point ismy site is hosted on a REAL host, for which i pay
<flameout> We know a few guys who've offered us space on faster lines.
<flameout> But then my server-hugging instincts kick in again.
<Avatar-X> hehe
<flameout> We're probably going to move Barrie2600 soon, though.
<Avatar-X> one day rogers will catch you
<flameout> So the .com will work like people expect it to.
<flameout> Never!
<Ninjalicious> Servers are definitely cuddly; there is no argument on that point.
<Avatar-X> they will! i've heard horror stories
<flameout> Yes, yes they are.
<flameout> Our servers purr when happy.
<flameout> Or their CPU fans are dying, or something.
<flameout> Whatever.
* Avatar-X hugs his computer
<Ninjalicious> Sony hosts infiltration.org. They don't know that, though.
<Avatar-X> lol
<flameout> Nifty.
<Ninjalicious> It's in a closet.
<flameout> Hmm, that's a good idea -- I should scoff space from the webserver for the college I work at.
<Avatar-X> yeah all of the images on my site are hosted on some university
<flameout> Hooray :D
<Avatar-X> my entire website minutes the gallery images is only 230 k :D
<Avatar-X> anyways
<Avatar-X> snee: let me show you a page
<flameout> I saw what the UEC forum would look like.
<Asher> snif.
<flameout> It's very nifty. :D
<Asher> I didn't.
<Asher> I am so alone.
<flameout> Well then.
<Ninjalicious> So, snee, are you thinking of putting up your own self-run message board, is that your hesitation?
<Avatar-X> htwww.mapcomplex.com/avatar-x/forum_admin_editboard.asp?fid=2
<Avatar-X> check that out
<flameout> Sort of that too, Ninj, but I've more been taking the stance that I didn't want to set up any official forum for fear that it would dilute the existing forums.
<Avatar-X> ninj: for yours, change the "fid=2" to "fid=3"
<flameout> Like UG, Infiltration-L and the MSN UE community.
<flameout> I just didn't see that it could get used enough to justify itself without detrimenting the other communities.
<Avatar-X> By the way, I've got Wraith from www.wraiths.org on this forum thing too
<Avatar-X> err sorry his name is Jester
<flameout> Which isn't to say the existing MSN community would probably be better off if hosted somewhere else equally capable but less fascist.
<Ninjalicious> The existing MSN community is poor...
<Avatar-X> Well, as I already mentioned to Ninj, since I am coding these forums myself it means I can easily add any number of custom features
<Ninjalicious> I like my list, but it's pretty general... a more local list might be a nice thing.
<flameout> I don't know much about it, I know Asher keeps an eye on it.
<flameout> Asher's good at that stuff. She seems to always know what's going on on every other UE site. o_O
<flameout> Infiltration-L has a really good signal-to-noise ratio, at the very least.
<Ninjalicious> Is she a spy or something?
<flameout> Yeah, I think she might be.
<Ninjalicious> Thanks. I think that's true.
<Ninjalicious> But what about a nice list for we Toronto (and distant suburbs) people?
<Avatar-X> Snee/Ninj When in the malt plant, have you ever opened a door and shouted inside "Heloooo, is there anyone in there?" in a joking way?
<Avatar-X> errno
<Avatar-X> that was to Snee/Asher
<flameout> Not to go off-topic, but I'm working on our first new page in a month, and LOOK:
<flameout> http://brainstorminterlude.2y.n09/~uec/cgi-bin/viewgallery.pl?gallery=joe&index=27&alone=1
<flameout> Avatar-XA few times, when we heard noises, yeah.
<Asher> And then there is Krall.
<flameout> Woah, BitchX automatically filled out your name for me from "Av:"
<flameout> ^-^
<Avatar-X> i think that stan must have met meet you then
<flameout> Yeah, Krall's there a lot.
<Ninjalicious> Coke is it.
<flameout> We've never encountered anyone in the plant who we didn't already know or expect to be there.
<Avatar-X> who is that in the pic?
<flameout> Like, nobody living there or any other explorers.
<flameout> Avatar-XIt's static. ^-^
<Avatar-X> btw Stan != Krall
<Avatar-X> stan's the bum i met
<flameout> Ahh.
<Ninjalicious> Sorry all, I have to go. I'll try to talk to you in e-mail about doing this again sometime.
<flameout> Cool.
<Ninjalicious> bye.
<flameout> Alright, later.
<Avatar-X> see ya!
*** Ninjalicious has quit IRC
<flameout> And none of them ever saw him again.
<Avatar-X> anywho
<Avatar-X> malt plant is ridiculous now
<flameout> How so?
<flameout> The outside, you mean?
<Avatar-X> all the shrubs and weeds missing, with large boards over the holes in that wooden wall
<Avatar-X> yeah
<Avatar-X> i wonder how long THAT will last
<flameout> I've been meaning to set up an ircd on our server. :/
<flameout> The shrubs and weeds missing WILL actually make a low-profile entrance in the dark a bit tougher.
<flameout> I mean, around the back of the plant.
<Avatar-X> yeah
<flameout> As for the back stairway that those kids got spotted on... we almost always take that one.
<Avatar-X> i've got some cool pics of the city's bad work too :D
<flameout> It's a lot more pleasant out in the open air than the rusty spiral stairway with people above you kicking down raccoon dung. :/
<Avatar-X> you take the outdoor staircase?
<flameout> Are they on-line:D
<flameout> Yeah, usually. I prefer it to the spiral.
<Avatar-X> yeah thats true
<Avatar-X> its full of shit :D
<Avatar-X> once i was doing up it and there was a racoon clinging to the handrail just ahead of me
<flameout> If we're showing people the plant as sort of a tour dealie, we take one up and the other back down. You know, so we're not just retracing our steps :D
<flameout> Yes it is.
<Avatar-X> *going
<flameout> Hahaha, the Malt Plant is the only place where I've ever seen a raccoon climb a ladder.
<flameout> It was wonderful.
<Avatar-X> yeah, the racoons outside also climb trees
<Asher> Beeep.
<Avatar-X> i have some pictures of racoons in tree
<Avatar-X> anyways
<Avatar-X> were you there this past weekend?
<flameout> I have no sound in The SimsHouse Party.
<flameout> And while an absolutely trivial consideration to my life in general it's really nagging at me.
<flameout> But no, we weren't there.
<flameout> We drove by but we were in a rush elsewhere.
<Avatar-X> ah i see
<flameout> So we only glanced at the outside.
<Avatar-X> people go in there every night, i always see the evidence
<flameout> Yeah, back before that entrance opened up around back, there was always a new way in every few days.
<Avatar-X> the most obvious one is when i see the door at the top of the death stairs open one night, and closed another
<Avatar-X> *closed the next night rather
<flameout> When we started exploring there, the door into the front of the elevator building that now has a steel I-beam welded over it was wide open, with three destroyed locks and a cut chain hanging off it. :D
<flameout> Yes, doors close and open all the time in there.
<Avatar-X> yep
<Avatar-X> especially that sliding door into the front building
<flameout> Have you noticed the abundance of school paraphernalia in the front buildings?
<Avatar-X> like?
<flameout> Like the stack of schoolbooks hidden under a machine, or the desk-chair combo dealies...
<flameout> There're also textbooks, rulers, pencil cases and stuff.
<Avatar-X> hmm
<Asher> And dope bags!
<flameout> We've picked up burnt pages out of textbooks and prayer books. o_O
<Avatar-X> i've only been inside during daylight once
<flameout> Yes, and many dope bags.
<Avatar-X> and we raced thru the front building
<flameout> Haha
<Avatar-X> cause my boss wasnt that interested in it
<flameout> Well, when you enter the front building through the sliding door at the end of the little skywalk, go through the door sort of to the left and ahead of you.
<Avatar-X> plus the large amount of cop cruisers outside made us uneasy
<flameout> Into the front room there. And look under the machine near the front of that room.
<flameout> There's a whole stack of books.
<flameout> In a milk crate.
<Avatar-X> ah
<Asher> http://uem.minimanga.com/abandoned/okeefe/ We will all go there.
<Avatar-X> i found one thing with carpets in it
<flameout> Yeah, there's always cruisers going by. :/
<Avatar-X> on this day there were two cruisers parked in the back by the water, next to the bball cort
<Avatar-X> *court
<flameout> I want to set up an ircd now.
<Avatar-X> daemon?
<flameout> I forgot how conducive IRC is to random real-time bullshitting.
<flameout> I've been engaging in e-mail correspondence for too long. :D
<flameout> Yeah.
<Avatar-X> which reminds me
<Avatar-X> do you have ICQ?
<flameout> Some barrie2600 guys are always bugging me to set one up.
<flameout> Yes I do.
<flameout> You can add me if you want, (CENSORED).
<flameout> Asher, what's your UIN?
<Avatar-X> k mine is (CENSORED)
<Asher> (CENSORED)
<Avatar-X> k i added both of you
<Avatar-X> thanks :D
<flameout> Hoop!
<flameout> h00p
<flameout> version'd
<flameout> ^-^
<Avatar-X> alrighty
<Avatar-X> so back the forum thingy
<Asher> Yes.
<flameout> Yeah.
<Avatar-X> i figure what's best for this whole community is one central place to exchane information
<Avatar-X> *exchange
<flameout> I like the idea when you put it as a general community forum with the added bonus of it taking the facade of whatever site you access it from.
<flameout> That's not only a good idea, it's actually pretty cool.
<Avatar-X> yeah
<Avatar-X> you saw the HTML edit page, right?
<flameout> I was less enthused when I thought you were offering to host "The UEC Forum" for us.
<flameout> I think so.
<Avatar-X> well there's two ways we can do that
<Avatar-X> either whenever you update your sidebar you go there and update the HTML
<Avatar-X> OR
<flameout> The way I see it, there's little enough UEC-specific business that it can stay in our guestbook if that's where it's happy. ;)
<Avatar-X> i can write a parser script that connects to your website and snatches the code right from there
<Avatar-X> or we can do both
<flameout> I'd inhale sharply between my teeth if you were in the room with me.
<Avatar-X> err, why's that
<flameout> Because our code is a real mess from day to day ;)
<flameout> But I know what you mean.
<flameout> :D
<flameout> I'm just kidding.
<Avatar-X> good :D
<Asher> I think our code is nice.
<Asher> -cry-
<flameout> Mind you, if you write something to parse our HTML, I'd enjoy a copy, because -I've- been meaning to write something like that for months. -_-
<flameout> Just to make adding new pages to the sidebars easier.
<flameout> Right now, I do it with a contextual patch :D
<Avatar-X> hold a sec phone
<flameout> Righto.
<flameout> So Asher, how's tricks?
<Asher> Bah.
<Avatar-X> back
<flameout> -cry-
<Avatar-X> i code mainly web stuff in ASP
<Avatar-X> which is VBScript
<Asher> So, the form is for Southern Ontario?
<Asher> Or just UE in general?
<Avatar-X> forum you mean?
<Asher> Yeah.
<Asher> Whatever.
<Avatar-X> sorry i write <FORM> tags all day so i thought you meant a form of some sort
<Asher> Roight.
<Asher> So.
<Avatar-X> Well ninj and i thought it would be best if we started with a single board "Urban Exploration"
<Avatar-X> and then later expanded it to locale-based boards depending on traffic and interest
<flameout> Asher's wanted to get into ghost towns for a while...
<flameout> just a random thought of mine, right there.
<flameout> I think it's nifty.
<flameout> brb.
<Avatar-X> lol
<Avatar-X> i dont know of any ghost towns
<Asher> I know of several around the GTA.
<Avatar-X> such as?
<Asher> Mostly old Mill towns.
<Avatar-X> interesting
<Avatar-X> anyways, with the forum... any features you want, i can do for you
<Avatar-X> you can either keep using your guestbook for UEC specific issues, or we can make a category "UEC Only" or something
<Asher> What "features" does it have now?
<Avatar-X> it's still in it's early stages
<Avatar-X> but it is already public and quite usable
<Asher> And do people sign up?
<Avatar-X> http://www.mapcomplex.com/avatar-x/forum_showcats.asp?fid=1
<Avatar-X> yep
<Avatar-X> thats already all finished
<Avatar-X> including the emailing and the creation of accounts
<Asher> I don't know about images.
<Asher> I mean, with the user name.
<Avatar-X> you mean, having it?
<Asher> It always seemed so, wasteful.
<Asher> Yeah.
<Asher> Same for signatures.
<Avatar-X> well, it is standard for forums. however we can offer an option in the user preferences which allows someone to turn it off, only for them
<Asher> But that's just me.
<Avatar-X> so YOU wouldnt see them but somoene else would
<Asher> Yeah. See Barbelith.com/underground has such a clean look.
<Avatar-X> well if you want to see how the forum looks with your site:
<Avatar-X> htwww.mapcomplex.com/avatar-x/forum_showcats.asp?fid=2
<Avatar-X> just a sample, but it's an idea
<flameout> foo
<flameout> I agree that "avatars" for each user can be bothersome.
<flameout> But if you sensibly limit their filesize or display size it's not so bad.
<Avatar-X> display size, definetly
<flameout> And maybe make an extension limitation or something, so that they can only use JPG's...
<flameout> or PNG's.
<Asher> YES!
<flameout> that way you don't get any animated GIF89's ;)
<Avatar-X> i personally like them, they add a memorable image to the poster. but the best solution is to have them optional on a user basis
<flameout> yeah. i thought they worked out pretty well on the phonelosers board.
<flameout> You see lots of really ugly UBB's hanging out the web, though, where people have a signature that fills half the screen and the only sensible response anyone can come up with is to make one even bigger.
<flameout> But then, UE folk tend to be a bit lower-key.
<Avatar-X> problem is if you link to someplace.com/myfile.jpg and it's really a gif, most browsers will still display it animating as a GIF
<flameout> Indeed, I was thinking that.
<Avatar-X> however:
<Asher> Most, but not all. :D
<flameout> Yeah, some browsers just see that it's a .jpg without a JFIF header and cack. -_-
<Avatar-X> i can write a server-side thingy which opens up the file and confirms that it is indeed a JPG
<Asher> I don't know about the gender thing.
<flameout> Whether that's the Right or Wrong Thing is debatable. :D
<flameout> Avatar-XYeah, but that's an awful lot of effort to go to to avoid animated gif's.
<flameout> christ -- "to go to to". That was cool.
<Avatar-X> well the browser SHOULD use the content type as a staple for how to display the file
<Avatar-X> yeah it is :D
<flameout> Ah yes, but there are many stupid web servers out there.
<flameout> Leading to things like Mozilla dumping .gz's to your screen like a text-plain -_-
<Avatar-X> mine is IIS, while that isnt the best server, my hosting company makes it the best
<flameout> text/plain rather.
<flameout> Well, neat.
<flameout> :D
<Avatar-X> yep :D
<Asher> Do people have a choice to use an image and signature?
<Avatar-X> yep
<Avatar-X> you'll note im currently the only user who has one
<flameout> It looks pretty clean to me.
<Avatar-X> mainly because the "profile" option isnt even started
<flameout> I approve and congratulate you :D
<flameout> How long were you working on it?
<Avatar-X> i started a few weeks ago but i've only been putting in a few hours every week
<Avatar-X> total time maybe 15-20 hrs sofar
<flameout> Yeah, that's about how I do these things.
<Avatar-X> right now the forum just sticks in your customized header/footer and title
<Avatar-X> however
<Avatar-X> i can make it so you can customize all the colours used
<flameout> A lot of our code does something similar, it nabs the header and footer from a file.
<Avatar-X> like the background of the table or whatever
<flameout> Hell, if you want I can send you our standard header.html and footer.html o_o
<Avatar-X> i pretty much ferreted those out of your site :D
<flameout> hooray :D
<Avatar-X> cept it stores it in a DB
<flameout> yes
<flameout> which is by leaps and bounds a much nicer solution.
<Avatar-X> oh, much
<Avatar-X> like i mentioned in the email
<flameout> I'm not running any DB on here so I haven't taken the time to, you know, install one and use it.
<Avatar-X> you'll note on my site it says "Page Generated in x ms"
<flameout> But it could help out a lot of our scripts.
<Avatar-X> thats a real timer
<Asher> Does the fourm allow html?
<flameout> Right now our image gallery can take up to .6 seconds to find an image.
<flameout> And that sucks.
<flameout> Because it's a big flat-text db. =p
<Avatar-X> no, the forum will use a set of custom tags, much like 99% of other forums
<flameout> brb, again.
<Avatar-X> standard things like [url]htwww.clickme.com[/url]
<Asher> Okay.
<Avatar-X> there'll be nice and easy buttons people can click to insert the code for them
<Asher> Yeah, I know what you mean.
<Avatar-X> also for things like images, flash, bold, etc :D
<Asher> I know.
<Asher> I've used it many times in the past.
<Avatar-X> good, good
<Avatar-X> it's pretty much a standard
<Asher> I know.
<Avatar-X> anyways
<Avatar-X> after i meet the features that most existing forums have now
<Avatar-X> i plan on adding a plethora of new and exciting features
<Asher> Such as?
<Avatar-X> well, i still need to think of a lot of the
<Asher> I see.
<Avatar-X> but the sky's the limit
<Asher> Roight.
* Avatar-X steals all your periods!
<Asher> O_o
<Avatar-X> Damn right!......
<Avatar-X> ;-)
<Avatar-X> anyways
<Avatar-X> one POSSIBLE feature
<Avatar-X> you know those forums where if, when someone replies to your topic, you get an email?
<Asher> Yeah.
<Asher> You should be able to get SMS messages@$#
<Avatar-X> a neat idea would be being able to reply back into the forum... simply by hitting REPLY on the email
<Asher> Yeah.
<Asher> I see. That's cool.
<Avatar-X> sure, SMS, no problem
<Avatar-X> as long as your SMS provider has a web interface of some sort
<Asher> Erm.
<Asher> That's not so cool.
<Avatar-X> a lot of them do
<Avatar-X> telus does, for example
<Asher> Rogers doesn't.
<Avatar-X> for example if you email 4165555555@msg.telus.ca
<Avatar-X> it will reach that persons' cell phone
<Avatar-X> hm
<Avatar-X> so how do you propose SMS to work?
<Asher> http://www.rogers.com/english/wireless/sendpcs.html
<Asher> eep, brb.
<Avatar-X> there you go
<Avatar-X> a web interface :D
<flameout> hoop
<Avatar-X> hmm i sent an SMS to (CENSORED)
<Avatar-X> i wonder if it got thru
<flameout> er
<flameout> hi
<Avatar-X> hi
<flameout> i wrote a console client for that very form :D
<Avatar-X> well
<Avatar-X> we could also make the forum WAP / WML compatible
<Avatar-X> so people can browse on their phones :D
<Avatar-X> now
<Avatar-X> currently the forum is set so that you need to actually make an account to post
<flameout> yay, i found it
<Avatar-X> and that in order to make an account you must register
<flameout> right.
<Avatar-X> and in order to register you need a valid email
<Avatar-X> i think this is reasonable
<flameout> yes it is.
<Avatar-X> especially since the mail takes literally 11 milleseconds to send
<Avatar-X> so you get it right away
<Avatar-X> anyways
<flameout> hrm
<Avatar-X> so if theres any changes you want to the forum as it is now, BEFORE you go live with it
<Avatar-X> let me know
<flameout> I think it looks good.
<Avatar-X> otherwise, you can link to http://www.mapcomplex.com/avatar-x/forum_showcats.asp?fid=2 whenever you want
<Avatar-X> if you go ahead and make an account, snee
<Avatar-X> then i can give you admin access
<Avatar-X> the only admin page that exists right now is that HTML edit page
<Asher> Er, I meant with the joes. page.
<Avatar-X> ashersame to you, if you want admin you need to make an accoun
<flameout> err
<flameout> okay
<flameout> i'll make an account in just a tick :D
<Asher> How are the passwords stored?
<Avatar-X> in a database
<Avatar-X> right now just as plain text
*** Jester has joined #uec
<Avatar-X> but in the future i can make it use the PASSWORD() function to encrypt it
<Jester> i actually made it...ohh, i'm sooo happy :P
<Avatar-X> but i doubt that it will be necessary
<Avatar-X> meet jester from www.wariths.com
<Avatar-X> yes, WARITHS
<Avatar-X> ;-)
<Jester> LOL
<Asher> O_o
<Asher> Roight.
<Avatar-X> <- Asher -> you should have gotten the email already
<Asher> Plain text seems so, dirty.
<Asher> I know.
<Jester> uhhmm, did you UEC'ers hook up with UEA'ers awhile back ?
<flameout> woah.
<Asher> No.
<flameout> Yeah.
<flameout> Wait.
<flameout> Not UEA.
<Jester> reduxzero ?
<Avatar-X> well, it's plain text, but it's not exactly being stored inypassword.txt
<flameout> yeah, that's him.
<Asher> Just some head-banger cadet.
<flameout> Urban Exploration Edmonton.
<Asher> I know. :/
<Jester> ya, he's sorta part of UEA now
<flameout> Aha.
<Asher> hurm.
<Avatar-X> in fact the mySQL server isnt even on the same machine as the web server
<Asher> Roight, still.
* Avatar-X prod snee
<Avatar-X> register an account already!
<flameout> hold on.
<flameout> woo, agenda suicide.
<Avatar-X> ok you two are wierd
<Jester> lol
<Avatar-X> you both picked the exact same password :O
<Asher> Yeah, you know.
<flameout> Yeah ^-^
<flameout> Since we both have access to most of our accounts, it's easier that way. :/
<Avatar-X> hehe
<Avatar-X> alright well the "asher" and "mistersnee" accounts now have access to this page
<Avatar-X> htwww.mapcomplex.com/avatar-x/forum_admin_editboard.asp?fid=2
<Asher> What's with the profile wossname?
<Avatar-X> ?
<Avatar-X> the what?
<Asher> Can one not change their profile yet?
<Avatar-X> no, not ye
<Asher> Ah,
<Avatar-X> it's next on my list
<Asher> heh.
<Avatar-X> you can post, and thats pretty much it
<flameout> Nifty.
<Asher> I don't know about the "add a reply subject" thing.
<Avatar-X> anyways
<Avatar-X> well the whole "add a reply" isnt finished
<Jester> Av, you have any other groups planned to hook up on this thing ?
<Avatar-X> it wont be at the bottom, it'll be on a seperate pge
<Avatar-X> *page
<Avatar-X> and by default the subject will read "Re" followed by the original subject
<Asher> Well, it may be best if you can see the posts you are commenting about.
<Avatar-X> yes, they will be listed underneath, in condensed form
<Avatar-X> (posts only, no sigs / icons / whatever)
<Asher> Ah, neat.
<Avatar-X> since the forum is run on a database on a superspeedy server, it should perform admirably
<Avatar-X> Jester:
<Jester> si
<Avatar-X> Yes, whoever is interested and we deem worthy
<Jester> skill testing question ?
<Avatar-X> i dont know
<Jester> feats of strength ?
<Jester> :P
<Avatar-X> but you guys might not like to share forums with "Bob's Page Of Exploring Waste Sewers -- MM I LOVE THE SMELL"
<Avatar-X> or maybe you would :P
<flameout> hmm
<flameout> you have a subject line on every reply
<Jester> well, we haven't really been in any sewers.... might be a nice change...lol
<Avatar-X> it's a standard on forums, it's so you know which specific post you are replying to
<flameout> so you could have an "outline view" which shows the thread as just the subjects :D
<flameout> that would be nifty.
<Avatar-X> yes, we could do that
<Avatar-X> with a cascading list
<flameout> yeah ^-^
<Avatar-X> here i can show you another page i made
<flameout> alright.
<Avatar-X> view with internet explorer for best results
<Avatar-X> (broken URL)
<Asher> -puke-
<Avatar-X> still unfinished manual
<Avatar-X> but check out the cascading list on the right
<Asher> That's cool.
<Avatar-X> eventually i'll make the cascading work in other browsers
<Asher> It looks okay in Mozilla.
<Avatar-X> We can also add a super-advanced search
<Avatar-X> similar to this one
<Avatar-X> with rankings, highlighting, etc
<Jester> will that be needed ?
<flameout> -gasp-
<Avatar-X> dunno :O
<flameout> nay
<Asher> Sorry, I am not an IE fan.
<flameout> it's feeping creaturism :D
<Avatar-X> i already coded it for work, i can just steal the code for home
<Avatar-X> or for this rather
<flameout> hehe
<Asher> hehehe.
<flameout> o_o
<Avatar-X> "feeping creaturism??
<flameout> yars
<flameout> creeping featurism
<Avatar-X> alright o.O
<flameout> gimme a sec, maybe i can make a total geek out of myself
<flameout> here we go :D
<flameout> http://www.science.uva.nl/~mes/jargon/f/feepingcreaturism.html
<Avatar-X> lol
<flameout> i personally love over-featuring things.
<Avatar-X> me too
<Avatar-X> every piece of software i've ever written is always choking with feature
<flameout> hehe :]
<Avatar-X> most see little use :|
<Jester> too many spices in your soup and you don't really get any flavour...
<Avatar-X> bah, stop being a spoil-sport, jester ;-)
<flameout> you don't need to provide an INTERFACE to every feature
<Avatar-X> ah, but interface design is half the fun!
<flameout> just hide them behind obscure cgi arguments and glow about knowing that it's there if you need it ;)
<flameout> hmm, i don't know
<Asher> har.
<flameout> i think for me interface design is about 10% of the fun ^-^
<Avatar-X> well it can get boring
<flameout> asher is much webbier than i.
<flameout> she did all our layout et al.
<Jester> interface design for me, is, uhmm,... anyways
<flameout> aaaaah
<Asher> Shhh. It is not my fault.
<Avatar-X> lol
<flameout> oh
<flameout> right
<Avatar-X> so YOU'RE to blame!
<Asher> -cry-
<Avatar-X> for the longest time your site always was messed up on my computer
<Jester> Snee...any updates at uec yet.... ?
<Avatar-X> but not on others
<flameout> what i meant was, we had this catastrophic hard drive failure one day, and suddenly there was the UE site on our webserver :D
<flameout> Jesternot yet, but I've got one on the go.
<Avatar-X> i finally figured out it was cause i had my local font set to use Courier rather than Times for some reason
<flameout> http://uecanada.cjb.net/joe.html <-- that :D
<flameout> i just need to fill in the "date" field and pixellate static's face from the gallery and we'll actually have a new Buildings page.
<Asher> Haha.
<flameout> phoo!
<Asher> Weird.
<Asher> I didn't go because I was working. -cry-
<flameout> aw.
<Asher> Oh, and I have already seen enough of that place.
<Asher> -pukkkkkkkkkkkkkkke-
<flameout> I've really wanted to update the site with some new stuff lately.
<Jester> like a link ?
<Jester> lol
<Asher> Maybe you should come out with us.
<Avatar-X> you suck at teh updating ;-)
<flameout> but i've been really busy with work and personal stuff =p
<Asher> :P
<flameout> hahaha
<flameout> yes
<flameout> that too
<flameout> dammit
<flameout> i'll link you right now -_-
<Jester> lol
<Avatar-X> i need excersize
<flameout> give me your URL again :D
<Asher> HEY!
<Asher> Hi.
<Jester> http://www.wraiths.org
<Asher> Should we link Tux?
<Asher> Or whatever his name is.
<flameout> yeah, probably.
<Avatar-X> so, asher/snee entityyou also into electronics?
<flameout> I am.
<Asher> I am.
<Jester> so what was the guy from UEA like decent chap or what ?
<Asher> As well.
<flameout> oh gawds.
<Asher> Muhaahahahahahaha.
<Avatar-X> i've got a neat setup here where i simply speak "Lights on" and my lights go o
<flameout> Jesteryeah, ReduxZero was okay. He acted a lot like an army cadet but, you know, he is.
<flameout> So it was forgivable. ;)
<Avatar-X> or "Dim main lights to 40%" and voila they dim
<Jester> i say lights , and then
<Jester> i get up and turn them on
<Avatar-X> or "all lights off", etc :D
<Avatar-X> nah, nah
<Avatar-X> i prefer the star trek way!
<Avatar-X> i say "computer" first
<flameout> I usually just fall asleep...
<Avatar-X> and my computer beeps when it hears me :D
<Avatar-X> it beeps the star trek beep
<Avatar-X> because im a super nerd!
<Jester> apparently another emmber of UEA is out my way, and had told the rest of UEA he was meeting up with me....
<Asher> "Our group is tentatively named 'Urban Exploration Montreal'"
<Jester> would probably have worked better had he told me...
<Avatar-X> i shoud call myself "UET"
<Avatar-X> urban exploration toronto -.-
<Avatar-X> w00t for lame names!
<Asher> O_o
<Jester> bah, i like our name
<Asher> Our name is old school.
<Avatar-X> btw asher/snee you should check out that silo thingy in port mcnicoll
<Jester> true true
<Asher> Now everyone is UEsomethingorother.
<Avatar-X> the sheer size will astound you
<Asher> how big?
<Avatar-X> well it's about 350 meters long and has about 300 massive silos
<flameout> Wraiths.org
<flameout> Jester's Urban Exploration group is active in British Columbia, and they've explored a number of interesting sites with their unique masked ninja infiltration-fu, as it were. Some nice photography and very cool sites explored.
<flameout> :D
<flameout> wait, that's redundan.t
<Avatar-X> lol, fu :D
<Jester> here's where we are plannin on for this weekend
<Jester> http://www.bcmuseumofmining.org/images/mill3.jpg
<Avatar-X> omg THATS SO COOL
<flameout> woop, awesome.
<Avatar-X> what an awesome building
<Jester> it's freakin huge
<Avatar-X> wow
<flameout> It's like the bell grist mill only eight times bigger and cool instead of old and empty. :D
<Asher> Why doesn't Ontario have that kind of stuff?
<Avatar-X> dammit i wanna go to vancoucer
<flameout> Yeah, really.
<Avatar-X> cause we have no hills >.<
<Asher> empty?
<Jester> and still in some use...they use it as a museum sorta
<flameout> Here Alberta has enormous storm drains and B.C. has giant mills and Ontario has Harvey Drain.
<Jester> with tours you can go to
<flameout> I'm just kidding, asher :D
<Asher> I may go to L.A.
<Avatar-X> hey jester if i ever visit vancouver can you show me some cool places^^
<Asher> Everyone should fear.
<Jester> of course
<Avatar-X> k i'll see you in like 20 years cause i doubt im ever going there
<Jester> any of you, tours for any of you if you find your way out here
<Avatar-X> unless i get a big raise and then i can afford it!
<Jester> ya, place is probably too cool for ya anyways Av :P
<Avatar-X> or, i could rollerblade to vanc
<Jester> we also have a 400 room hotel up country a bit
<Jester> was second biggest in bc
<Avatar-X> k i really need to go out before it gets too late
<Jester> then the city's mine shut down
<Avatar-X> im going to the malt plant as usual, any specific things you guys want me to look for?
<Jester> it's fully intact, not used, city is a ghost town
<Jester> 'but 8 hours away i think....
<Jester> eep
<Avatar-X> eep?
<Asher> MCS is only six hours from here :D
<Jester> eep
<Jester> eek
<Jester> acch
<Avatar-X> eerp ark
<Avatar-X> k guys i'll be back in about 45 min to 1 hr
<Avatar-X> if youre still here :D
<flameout> no worries
<flameout> i am the master of idling.
<Jester> cioa av
<flameout> later.
<Avatar-X> i'll take some more pics of the plant
<Avatar-X> if i see anyhing photo-worthy
<flameout> alright.
<flameout> cool.
<Jester> we're doing a first run at another mental hospital tonight....
*** Jester has left #uec
<flameout> pish
<Avatar-X> hello
<Avatar-X> im back
<flameout> woah
<flameout> hi
<Avatar-X> heloo
<flameout> i'm about to go to sleep -_-
<Avatar-X> say
<Avatar-X> do you go to school?
<flameout> nope
<flameout> not for about two years now
<flameout> why?
<Avatar-X> how old are you if i may ask
<flameout> 19 :D
<Avatar-X> wow, same as me
<flameout> hehe.
<Avatar-X> everyone always refers to uec as "the young guys"
<flameout> weird.
<Avatar-X> or "kids"
<flameout> i've talked to people who have the idea that we're all, like, 15.
<Avatar-X> not in a bad way
<Avatar-X> yeah, exactly
<Avatar-X> thats what i thought too
<Avatar-X> anyways
<Avatar-X> nothing new at the malt plant
<Avatar-X> all the new wooden barriers are still in place
<Avatar-X> the place is dead as a doorknob
<flameout> ah
<flameout> cool
<Avatar-X> so you work?
<flameout> how are you getting in right now, if you don't mind me asking?
<flameout> is the back entrance hole thing still open?
<Avatar-X> im not getting in, i just went to the outside
<Avatar-X> but i know 3 ways in
<flameout> yeah, I do network administration stuff for the local community college (georgian) ^-^
<Avatar-X> wow, cool job
<flameout> it's not great pay but it's keeping me alive so far. =p
<Avatar-X> you live in barrie as i recall, right?
<flameout> it's alright. i get a lot of shitwork too, just by virtue of being younger.
<flameout> yeah.
<Avatar-X> yeah
<Avatar-X> i watch new VR, i get a lot of your awful barrie tv ads
<flameout> hhaha
<Avatar-X> like one guy who sells cars by putting cows in his used car lot
<flameout> i fucking hate those
<Avatar-X> paul sadlon or something
<flameout> i haven't watched the new vr in over a year
<flameout> but yeah, that's the guy's name
<Avatar-X> i watch it for star trek :D
<flameout> :D
<Avatar-X> anyways
<flameout> yes
<flameout> it is bedtime O_O
<Avatar-X> im usually bored out of my mind
<Avatar-X> so if you are ever in my area doing some UE, and you dont mind another person, take me with yo
<flameout> sure :]
<Avatar-X> i live downtown toronto, west end
<flameout> I'll be sure to drop you a line next time we've got plans in Toronto.
<Avatar-X> i'm really interested in getting into the power plant
<Avatar-X> R.L. Hearn
<flameout> me too. have you ever been to the Union Station steam tunnels?
<Avatar-X> nope, you?
<flameout> yeah, they're cool as hell :D
<flameout> we recently revamped our union station page on UEC with photos from them.
<flameout> you should check them out sometime.
<flameout> the tunnels, i mean.
<flameout> not the photos.
<flameout> but those too.
<Avatar-X> lol
<Avatar-X> yes, i should :D
<flameout> anyway. yes. i have to sleep now ^-^
<Avatar-X> k, good nigh
<Avatar-X> see you tomorrow i guess
<flameout> 'night, it's been good to talk to you :D
<Avatar-X> yeah same

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