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Click on the small thumbnails to see additional enlarged screenshots. Many maps have more than just 5 screenshots. This list contains mostly only maps worth mentioning; there are a ton more files in the download.

Map List

  • 1on1
    A 1 on 1 battle map, one of my first. It has several other names, including avbattle, and bdarbattle. One player from each team would be brought into the battle arena, where they would fight to the death. The winner would stay in the arena and have his health and stats refilled, while a new player from the losing team would be brought into the arena to compete. The original intention of this map was to improve skill. There are underwater areas, rock outcroppings, shipping containers, and many other forms of cover. The non-battling players could watch the action through a glass dome.
  • 4team
    This map had many names, including 4cool and 4flag, but it was essentially just different revisions of the same map. It was a test of my "4 flag" capture the flag system, which worked like so:
    • There were a total of 4 flags, coloured red, blue, green, and yellow
    • At the start of every round, the four flags would be located in a neutral, central point
    • Each team had to bring each of the flags back to base, one at a time.
    • Once one team had captured all four flags, the round would be over and the map would reset.
    • If a team had captured one flag, it could be taken away again by a member of the opposite team
    The setup in this map involved very complex goals and I enjoyed creating it.
  • airstrike
    Just a test map, to test the air strike function.
  • av15min
    A really stupid map, created in exactly 15 minutes out of prefabs and pieces of maps I had made before. It contains two accordions: a mini-version and a super-huge version. Hey, why not?
  • av2fort
    I think this is an editable version of the included map, 2fort
  • avbar
    Av's Bar was another map that proved a challenge to create. The map features a bar, served by a bartender. The bartender is chosen by which player gets onto the telepad first. Every few minutes, the current bartender is fired, allowing a new one to try. Inside the glassed-off bar, a series of buttons allows the bartender to choose what will go into the next drink (stuff like invulnerability, quad damage, loss or gain of health), and then a final button "MIX" would actually create the drink and place it onto the bar. The map also features the first appearance of my fabled playable accordions.
  • avchess
    A map I never finished: It was supposed to allow players to play chess with each other, thanks to extensions for game logic provided by my AVC DLL. However, I'm not really a chess player so I never finished the map.
  • avcon
    AvCon and AvCon2 were lame-ass maps, simply made by taking bits and pieces of other, pre-existing maps, and joining them together. It was, however, a way for me to show the tiny test maps I had made as part of a larger whole.
  • avcord
    The accordion, by itself. Not very exciting.
  • avduplo
    This map existed solely to be used with my AVC DLL. It contained several types of LEGO-style bricks, which could be duplicated and used as building blocks in the large surface area.
  • avferris
    An unfinished test map of a super-huge ferris wheel.
  • avfish
    The AvFish map was a first in trans-species playing. The map had two teams: The fish, and the watchers. Choosing the fish team would start you in an automated complex process that exploited a graphical glitch in the game, a technique that allowed me to make the player's model invisible. Combining that with a fish model from the Half-Life single player allowed me to visually turn the players into fish! The fish would then be free to swim around their extensive underwater haven, despite the lack of air, and to jump very high out of the water through hoops. Some versions of this map also contained an underwater copy of the Crossfire deathmatch map from HL.
  • avhead
    I think this map was an attempt to make a model of my character's head in the map, but it failed.
  • avhotel
    The AvHotel series was one of the many times where my maps ran up against the Half-Life engines limits. The Hotel featured four elevators, each capable of visiting many floors. There were to be at least 20 floors in the hotel, with suites of varying sizes on each floor, and also rec floors and basements and such. I had to severely scale the project back when I kept hitting entity and polygon limits in the engine. Nevertheless, the map was finished to a point, the elevators worked, room keys were assigned, and more. Great fun was had.
  • avlaby1
    An attempt to turn one of my massive on-paper labyrinths into a HL map. I grew tired of the project before it was even 1/10th complete.
  • avlego
    The AvLego series was an incredible series. Imagine a map that is a huge, empty field. Suddenly an administrator flies out of the floor, hauling huge pieces of hallways, corners, stairways, and more, and uses them to assemble a level, in real-time, right in front of you. He uses special commands built into the AVC DLL to do this, and pretty soon he's built something awesome. Check out the screenshots.
  • avmar
    I dont' remember what the purpose of this map was, but it sure was colourful!
  • avmaze
    The AvMaze series of maps were different, but in concept were generally the same. A changeable maze, usually created by an administrator, allowed great fun to be had.
  • avmini
    These are the minigolf holes I created for Duckhunt's map.
  • avmodular
    AvModu, AvModular, these maps were strange in that they were built out of repeating sections. They looked like those shitty old dungeon adventure games where each hallway looked exactly the same as the last.
  • avoffice
    A rather boring map, featuring a tall office tower.
  • avpin
    An attempt to make a pinball table. I don't think I ever finished it.
  • avpiracy
    I think this was an entire prefab map that I made a few changes to.
  • avsecret
    The AvSecret series was the culmination of my mapping work. It was my best effort yet at creating a map that had beautiful curves and textures. It had lighting, trees, underground and aboveground, candleholders and more. But this wasn't the point of the map.
    Hidden throughout the map were some 40 or so secret tokens. Three levels of difficulty were assigned. The easy tokens were pretty much right out in plain sight, while the hard tokens were well hidden behind trap doors, invisible walls, or other traps.
    A massive, dynamic scoreboard, controlled by the AVC DLL, kept track of the remaining and found tokens, as well as listing the tokens that had just been found using an LCD-style text display.
    I never completed the map: There was supposed to be a reward for finding all the tokens, which I would add later, but in it's first beta test, nearly all of the tokens were found, thereby ruining the weeks of fun I had planned.
  • avsp
    I simply took the first 5 maps of the HL singleplayer and joined them together, and here they are.
  • avtoast
    I think this map had a toaster in it or something. It was pretty boring.
  • avtotop
    Ah, the ToTop series. Yet another of my experimental but fun maps. There was a single team of players, so no direct killing of your opponents was possible. The map featured a complex series of catwalks, walkways, and bridges, which had to be crossed to reach the top of the level. At the top was a control room, where those players who reached it first could spin, slide, or open the various bridges and catwalks, causing their fellow players to fall into an acidy vat of doom. It was great fun!
  • avtown_1
    This map never got anywhere, but it was a first stab at a concept that I never had the time to create. The concept was that there would be a "town" -- maybe a series of 10 or 15 identical, empty houses. Players would visit a store and spend their "points" on furniture or accessories to add to their house -- the furniture (a desk, say) would appear in their assigned home, where they could move it about. Later, if the map was played again, the game would remember where the furniture was and would re-load it if that same player was in the game. It would have been quite awesome. But alas, I never finished it.
  • avween
    My halloween super map. It contained houses and dwellings for many of the admins and friends of The SillyZone, including a detailed model of my own home at the time (different from my current home).
  • avwell
    I think this was my version of WELL or something.
  • av_veyor
    A boring map to test a large conveyor system and a lift pipe.
  • bat_bas
    I think this was my only serious attempt at a normal 2-team capture-the-flag map. And I never even finished it. Oh well.
  • beamup
    beammy, beamtest, and beamup were all the same map. They were tests of a concept, made for a friend's spaceship map... an attempt at beaming people up into the spaceship. The maps were big on effects, but never got used.
  • bigpit
    I don't remember what the hell this map was made for -- it's just a big, long pit that you can fall into. Nothing more.
  • boat
    Boat (aka boodid or boodiddly) is one of my first HL maps. It was originally ripped out of an Action HL map and then heavily redone, and it's basically just a boat in the water with a small dock. It's pretty boring. Until you find the secret control room, with a mini-map of the entire map, showing player's locations and allowing you to beam them into a chamber, so you can watch them fight or transport them somewhere else, or whatever.
  • build
    I think this is the 3rd map I ever made. It's a 7-story building with an elevator. The elevator was very complex: It would queue multiple requests, visit them in order, it had floor indicators both inside and outside the elevator (on each floor), there were call buttons, etc. It was like a real elevator. And man, was it ever complex.
  • castle
    I wanted to make a castle, but I got bored. I think there's an escalator in this map.
  • dispstck
    Dispenser Stack maps made it easy to create huge dispenser stacks, exploiting a bug in TFC. I don't know why it was so interesting.
  • erictest
    I think this map was made so Eric from Valve could test a feature they were adding for me.
  • heatav1
    A collaboration between myself and heatstrike or something. I don't recall.
  • hex2
    I think this was a door that required a hex combination or something.
  • holo
    My Star Trek Holodeck, originally created for a friend's star trek map, it allowed up to 3 scenes to be interacted with.
  • hosstest
    Another test map for valve.
  • killbeam
    I think this was to test if a beam could kill a player.
  • maze
    A maze map, or something.
  • skyd
    The skydive maps were awesome -- you would get into a big plane, and it would go very high, and then you would jump out and most often die.
  • slide
    A waterslide, or something.
  • spanner
    A huge, oversize spanner.
  • subway1
    An attempt to make a subway car. Didn't get very far.
  • szcrash
    This map also never got finished, but it was a map that would have come up every time the server crashed and reset itself, which was quite often.
  • tele
    Various teleporter test maps
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