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Bathroom Reno, Part Two

11:49 AM, October 19th, 2011

The reno continued this past weekend and this week, with a lot of smaller details being finished.

If you missed part one, read it here:

1. The toilet had to come out again, so now you can use the commode while watching TV.

2. You may have noticed from the previous part that the toilet was in the middle of the room... We had to drill through the floor again to fix that. Here's the toilet's new location.

3. The tiling and grouting in the shower is done now!

4. Steve is overjoyed to be using the tile saw and is test-fitting the floor tiles.

5. We decided to go with a diagonal motif, to break up the walls a bit. Those are some huge 18" tiles.

6. Steve's support system, allowing us to hover over the floor while tiling without putting our weight on the tiles.

7. The next day, the shower doors went in -- and they look stunning.

8. Taiga is less than impressed at all the crap that is sitting around the place.

9. The ceiling speakers are mounted, the fan cover is on, and holes are being cut for the pot lights.

10. Steve also did the tile backsplash for the vanity.

11. The shower lights get their covers, and the other speaker is directly above the stall. They sound amazing!

12. The pot lights are in and functional! It's nice and bright in there.

13. So here's where we're at at the end of part two.

14. The vanity is very nice, with two soap dispensers.

15. No shortage of plugs or switches!

16. The shower, mostly done, with shelves and towel bar installed.

17. The closet isn't done yet.

18. The shower hardware works great, but I still need to install the thing that holds up the handle.


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