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Bathroom Reno, part one

10:14 AM, October 11th, 2011

This isn't really something I'd ordinarily post here, but several friends have asked for a status update on the bathroom reno, so here are some photos.

1. Here's how the bathroom looked before. Ugh.

2. The stick-on tiles lasted maybe a month before they started to look awful.

3. Demo begins! Woo! No more horrible shower!

4. We found lots of mold behind the shower. So glad we're replacing it!

5. Inside the magical ceiling panels.

6. Steve is busy putting holes in the floor for the toilet.

7. The demolition of the room is complete! Look at that horrible insulation.

8. Installation of the new plywood subfloor!

9. We replaced the terrible metal stud framing in the ceiling with new moisture and mold-resistant BluWood.

10. Scott helps frame!

11. Testing the fit of the new shower pan.

12. Steve doing some electrical work!

13. The shower plumbing in progress.

14. During the reno, my apartment turned into a disaster zone.

15. Framing and shower plumbing complete!

16. The new electrical also complete!

17. Tile backer board in the shower also complete!

18. And the rest of the room is now also drywalled and mudded!

19. Schluter KERDI installed on the walls of the shower for perfect waterproofing...

20. There's even a little closet!

21. A closeup of the new electrical. The switches are Main Lights, Shower Lights, and Ventilation. They are all INSTEON-controlled.

22. The tile in the shower half-done, not yet grouted, with the lovely trim design.

23. The new vanity, temporarily in place.

24. A closeup of the tiling job.


Zee 12:43 PM, October 12th, 2011

Looking awesome!

skyvola 8:46 AM, October 17th, 2011

Looks good, I am hoping to see some cool tech added to the bathroom. Maybe an LCD mounted behind a 1way mirror or led displays with an rss ticket to read the news while you do your business? Waterproof speakers in the shower? Of coares the remote flushing toilette is always good too.

Avatar-X 3:26 PM, October 17th, 2011

So far I am planning waterproof speakers in the shower and the remote flushing toilet. I like the idea of a screen behind the mirror, I will investigate.


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