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/images/superkeys.png SuperKeys is a customizable keyboard hook application.


Get the latest version: superkeys1.1setup.exe (1.4mb, version 1.1, Oct 21, 2005)

What is it?

Does your keyboard have a bunch of keys that don't do anything, or keys that don't do what you want them to do? SuperKeys is the easy answer.

SuperKeys allows you to assign functions to any key on your keyboard. Even the shift key or the space bar, if you really want. You can also set SuperKeys up to simply disable a key, like the Windows key.

Choose from the following functions for any key:
Adding or removing keys from SuperKeys is as easy as pushing the key you'd like to add.

Why should I use it?

Most of the keyboard control applications provided by keyboard manufacturers suffer from at least one of the following problems:
SuperKeys is fast and efficient, and doesn't waste time.

Revision History

Version 1.1 - Oct 21, 2005
Extra winamp controls:
- Jump to file
- Copy current song's name to clipboard
- Type current song's name on keyboard (as if you had typed it)
(both also available with "Extra info" option)
- Show current file in explorer.
(thanks Beryl!)

Version 1.0 - Oct 19, 2005
First Release


SuperKeys Configuration Window

SuperKeys Key Editor Window

SuperKeys Add New Key Window


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