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AvBrand Exploring Technology
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/images/computers.png The other sections of this site have demonstrated the various automated and magical things my home can do, but what makes it all work? Computers, of course. This page will provide a tour of the computers I use throughout my home.

My Desktop Workstation

My desktop workstation is where all of the magic you see in my home is created. It's a P4 2.6 HT, with 2gb of ram, 3 video cards and 4 monitors. I've got 5 hard drives, each in it's own individual chassis for cooling and data safety. A backlit keyboard (see below), great mouse, and tons of other stuff complete the setup.

Explore the area by moving your mouse over this picture! (Flash Player 8 required)

Here is a video of the AvKeyLinc software I wrote for my G15 keyboard:

The Touchscreen Machine

This computer has so many functions, it's hard to keep track of them.

Hardware-wise, this machine is very modest. It's a Pentium 3 running at 933 mhz, and has only 512mb of ram. It has a tiny hard drive, but that's fine because very little is stored on this machine. The machine has two sound cards. One sound card is used to talk to people at the door, or over the doorbell, and to record them. The other is used to listen and communicate with the watch.

Connected to this machine is the interface box seen here:

This interface box allows 8 relays or devices to be controlled via the computer's parallel port.

More to come

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